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Metres of cable produced since 2000
12,000 Square Feet
dedicated to manufacturing
Over 225 Years
of combined experience
SK Wiring Evolution III Braider
Achieves 5x standard braider speed.
Cable Production

S.K. Wiring is one of the world’s premier Thermocouple, RTD and Specialist Cable manufacturing operations.  With our in-house wire production and calibration facility combined with a broad range of insulation types, we are uniquely positioned  to offer unparalleled levels of service to our global customer base.

Our people

Successful organisations and outstanding brands are driven by the people they employ. At SK Wiring we pride ourselves in employing and developing the best talent for both our industry and our customers needs.

Meet the team
Our People
 MG 4743

How it's made

Manufacturing Thermocouple, RTD and Specialist Cables all starts with the correct selection of raw materials, which is only the beginning of a complex journey to a high quality end product.

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