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7/0.2mm 3 Core SPC RTD Screened

Data Sheet

Product description.

3 Core RTD 7/0.2mm Silver Plated Copper Wire PFA Insulated.

Applicable standards



7 strands of 0.2mm Silver Plated copper wire Bunched.

3 core insulated in PFA compound ( 260 degreec C) 2 red 1 white

3 Core laid up in rotation 2 x red 1x white

Tinned Copper braided Screen >85% coverage

PFA insulated (260 degrees C)

Conductor material.

Core 1 Red Silver Plated Copper 7/0.2mm ( 0.22mm2 )

Core 2 Red Silver Plated Copper 7/0.2mm ( 0.22mm2 )

Core 3 White Silver Plated Copper 7/0.2mm ( 0.22mm2 )

Insulation Maximum operating Temperature.

260 Degrees C  

Health and Safety information.

No personal protective equipment required when used under normal operating conditions. Product represents no health risk when used under normal conditions

In case of fire use water

Care should be taken with burnt or fire exposed cables to avoid skin or eye contact. If contact is suspected flush the area with copious amounts of fresh water and seek medical attention.

In case of ingestion seek medical attention

Good industrial hygiene practices should be followed.


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