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7/0.2mm Type K FG/FG

Data Sheet

Product description.

7/0.2mm mm Type K Glass lapped pair laid flat Glass Braided Varnished SSOB.

Applicable standards

BS 4937 BSEN 60584.2 relevant parts BSEN 60584.1 Class 1 All comparable international standards.


7 strands of 0.2mm diameter wire layed up.

Each leg double glass lapped and varnished

Laid flat glass braided and varnished.

304G Stainless Steel at >85% coverage.

Conductor material.

Positive leg - KP - Negative leg - KN -

Insulation Maximum operating Temperature.

450 degrees C  

Health and Safety information.

No personal protective equipment required when used under normal operating conditions. Product represents no health risk when used under normal conditions

In case of fire use water

In case of smoke inhalation during combustion remove casualty to fresh air and seek medical attention.

In case of ingestion seek medical attention

Good industrial hygiene practices should be followed.

If skin irritation occurs area should be flushed with cold water

If glass dust is produced due to rough handling it should be washed off immediately. In case of contact with eyes flush with copious amounts of clean water and seek medical attention.

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