Company History

SK Wiring is one of the world’s premier Thermocouple and RTD cable manufacturers. Founded in 1987 we have developed a reputation in our sector, with all our customers around the world, for excellence in product innovation, quality and reliability for service and delivery.

Continued Growth

As evidence of our growth, back in 1987, we operated out of a 2,000-square-foot industrial site that only offered PVC-insulated materials to our customer base. Since then the company has moved into a modern 12,000-square-foot building and has extended our product range to include the manufacture of all the major insulation and thermocouple types to international standards, which includes anything from extension grade through to quarter tolerance material.

Great Culture

Besides our outward-facing focus on meeting customer needs and expectations, we have an internal culture that is the envy of many other organisations. Employees describe SK Wiring as a place where "everyone works efficiently as a team to produce a quality end product" and "employees are valued". "We have the right attitude all of the time” with "fantastic management and a great team".