Our Vision

Our ever-evolving vision at SK Wiring is inexorably linked to our strong values and is what has helped guide us to be a very successful international organisation and leader in our sector - becoming the supplier of choice to many leading manufacturers around the world.

  • To be the Preferred Company of Choice to work with for all our stakeholders

    (customers, staff, suppliers and investors)

  • Always to be the best in our sector

  • To continually offer the highest levels of service and industry knowledge and Set the standards for others to follow

  • To be seen as an innovator and pioneer in our sector

  • To provide long-term stable employment; personal development and welfare for all our staff

  • To lead the way in social responsibility

    – being proud to walk the talk

  • To continually evolve and improve year on year

Our Values

We pride ourselves on our internal and external customer focus. True values are achieved through the actions we take and perform on a day-to-day basis.

At SK Wiring the values we ascribe to are:

  • Reliability

    Our stakeholders from customers, through our staff and our suppliers know that SK Wiring is an organisation that they can rely on. We ‘walk the talk’.

  • Service Quality

    We offer quality products, produced to the highest standards, delivered on schedule at a cost-effective price; all employees at SK Wiring take special pride in the service we offer to our customers – we see ourselves as an extension of their success in the market.

  • Innovative and Pioneering Spirit

    At SK Wiring we like to set the standards for others to follow. We pride ourselves in looking for ways to improve our manufacturing processes, so that they have an impact on our customer needs.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    SK Wiring actively recognises that we can influence the environment we operate in, and through our pioneering approach to business development, always look to make a difference in the four main segments of CSR – Economic, Environmental, Legal and Social.

  • Stakeholders

    SK Wiring actively recognises the importance of all our stakeholders, and that our futures are all interlinked; and further recognise the contribution they make to the sustainable growth of our business.