SK Wiring Products Ltd has an inhouse thermocouple testing facility that has been custom designed and built exclusively for us using all the up-to-date knowledge on testing thermocouple alloys.

This exclusive design principle creates a static environment in which to test thermocouples.  The ambient temperature is strictly controlled and the lab represents a closed system during testing.  Positive pressure ceiling voids ensure ambient stability without causing drafts.  The facility is isolated from the rest of the world in a range of spectrums including electromagnetic and thermal.  The test system in fully automated during the test eliminating human factors as a possible error source. 

The laboratory consistently produces the following stabilities:

-196 degrees C to +400 degrees C : Typically, less than 0.001 degrees C for typically greater than 60 seconds

+400 degrees to +1200 degrees C : Typically, less than 0.056 degrees C for typically greater than 60 seconds.

This extreme stability guarantees that the readings we obtain are accurate and repeatable.  The importance of system stability is often overlooked, it is not possible to state a thermocouples performance unless the system is stable.  Ask your current supplier for their stability statements.

SK's Testing Facility is so stable that if a human enters the lab during the test, it will be visible in the results, a very distinct upshift in the item under test can be seen.  How many times does your current suppliers lab techs walk past the items under test without even knowing that they have affected the results.  

All the materials that enter the factory are tested before and after production.  Each test takes between 16 and 22 hours to complete depending on the temperature range required.  Over 15,000 data points are collected during the test and each test point is given a 3-hour window to ensure that there are no anomalies occurring during the test

The results are then assessed by a skilled and competent human, computers play no part in assessing the data, this ensures that anomalous readings are identified and assessed.  Calibration certificates are then produced and the raw Data is saved to the internal server system.  These are then backed up every 30 seconds off site to ensure the security of our calibration data.  No data is ever destroyed and we are able to refer back to the raw data at any point in the future.

SK Wiring calibrates between 12 and 15 tons of thermocouple annually, meaning that we calibrate more material in the UK than anyone else.