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Success Stories

Since being established in 1987 SK Wiring has continued to develop its products, plant and processes, through its pioneering and innovative approach to business, to ensure that it is a world class supplier of thermocouple cable, meeting the needs and expectations of its customers, as well as being a leader in the industry.

Some of our successes;

1987: Company Incorporated manufacturing PVC cables.

1991: Purchase of glass fibre production facility – extensive redesign of manufacturing process creating significant quality improvements and increased production capacity.

1992: Designed the process for manufacturing strippable PTFE sintered Cables, overcoming the age old problem of PTFE sheaths bonding to PTFE insulated cores, creating a product that can be easily processed and easily stripped.

1997: Purchase of wire drawing plant – specialised modification of equipment to run thermocouple metals.

1997: Extensive R+D to remove explosive gases from the annealing operation replacing explosive Hydrogen with an inert and safe gas.

2000: Purchase of Fluoro polymers extruder.

2003: Removal of oil from stranded wire production – reducing harmful emissions during annealing process and increasing production output through fewer machine stoppages.

2003: Redesign of extendable retractable cables, making PVC versions obsolete and replacing with a virtually indestructible PU product.

2005: Moved to larger premises.

2010: Redesign and re-engineering by SK’s engineering team of an expensive non-recyclable consumable machine component for a low cost high quality British manufactured 100% recyclable part.

2010: R+D to build the world’s fastest glass braiding machine, increasing machine speed by 3.5 times.

2011: Design and build, using SK’s in-house engineering team, of 4 high speed glass lapping machines, increasing throughput by up to 10 times.

2013: Evolution III braider enters service breaking the previous 3.5x speed record set in 2010.  The evolution III machine runs at 5x standard braider speed.  We believe that this may be the fastest braiding machine currently in service any where in the world. 

2013: Achieved the Internationally recognised "Investors In People" award.