PFA & FEP Wire Insulated Cables

PFA is a form of extruded Teflon, which has many interesting properties. A difficult material to process, it is highly dependent on accurate tooling, which must be made from special materials. Extreme care is required when processing PFA or FEP due to the extremely hazardous gases that can be emitted during the melt process, although these problems are lesser once the material has been extruded.

PFA/FEP has a high resistance to oils, acids and alkaline substances, as well as a good dielectric strength. It has very effective insulation properties – operating well at temperatures down to -260°C, whilst offering protection up to +260°C. It is easy to strip and work with once in cable form, and is becoming an increasingly popular choice for applications requiring a temperature range between that of PVC and Glass Fibre. PFA / FEP can be extruded into single cores, Twin Twisted, Flat Twins and a variety of screened cables – a good choice for insulated wires.